Listen to Detroit‘s free mobile Audio Guides enable you to use your cell phone to learn about interesting Detroit places while visiting them.  It’s like having a tour guide in your pocket, or wherever you keep your phone.

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While this project is in beta, we are offering Audio Guides for the following Tour Locations:

Campus Martius Park

Campus Martius is an award winning public space in Detroit’s downtown. And it’s old. Created in 1806, the park has changed a lot since it was first designed by Judge Augustus Woodward. Find out how it came to be, and learn about some of its different phases throughout history. To find out how to listen to the Campus Martius audio guides click here.

Highland Park Ford Plant

At the beginning of the 20th Century, Ford moved production of his Model T less than four miles up the road to this plant. Here he revolutionized manufacturing – this is the site where he first implemented the moving assembly line and introduced the five dollar work day. Parts of the plant still stand today but it’s no longer owned by Ford or used for manufacturing. To find out how to listen to the Highland Park Ford Plant audio guide click here.

Ossian Sweet House

In 1925 Dr. Ossian Sweet moved his family into their first home on Garland Avenue on Detroit’s east side. They were African Americans and everyone else on their street was White. When a mob surrounded the Sweet’s new home, an incident occurred that led to a landmark NAACP trial.  Our audio guide tells the story of what happened.  To find out how to listen to the Ossian Sweet House audio guide click here.

Michigan Central Station

Perhaps Detroit’s most notorious abandoned building, this old train station is full of stories. Since the station closed in 1988 it’s been a pass time for many to sneak in. But the owners have recently made a point to make that harder to do. In this audio guide, we go inside so you don’t have to. We describe what the station was like when it first opened in 1913 and tell you what it looked like inside in 2012. To find out how to listen to the Michigan Central Station audio guide click here.


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