2001 15th Street  Detroit, MI 48216

photo by Karpov the Wrecked Train

30# Michigan Central Station: Past and 2012
This free audio guide tells the story of what was like inside the station when it first opened, and what it’s like inside there today in 2012. It is meant to be listened to on-location, not online!
8:24 minutes

Tour Starting Point – Once at Michigan Central Station, just walk up to the fence in front of it. No need to actually try to get inside, we’ll take you there with the tour.

To listen on location with a Smart phone, grab your headphones and go to the tour starting point.  Once there, pull up this webpage on your phone, and press the orange play button above.  To listen on location without a Smart phone, go to the tour starting point and call (313) 483 – 4095 on a regular cell phone. Then enter 30# to access the free audio guide, “Michigan Central Station: Past and 2012.”


For directions to Michigan Central Station click here.