As part of the Detroit Mobile Audio Tour, participants will be able to go to a handful of “must see” sites in the city of Detroit and use their mobile phones to listen to audio about what makes these spots interesting.  But at what sites?

The Detroit Mobile Audio Tour wants your input.  We spoke to Detroit tourism aficionados like Linda Yellin of Feet on the Street Tours and Jeanette Pierce of the D:hive to compile a list of 25 top Detroit sites that might make good stops on an audio tour.  Now we need YOU to help us pick what should actually be the first five sites on the Detroit Mobile Audio Tour.


So far we’ve received some really great feedback about the sites on the poll.  What we can’t incorporate into these first five sites we will definitely use to help us figure out the next five sites… so please keep the feedback coming.  That said, I thought we deserved to give you an explanation for why we decided to not include certain items on this initial site list.

Why aren’t there any museums on the list?  Like the DIA,  the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, or the Motown Museum?

The reason is that Detroit’s world class museums don’t need a Detroit Mobile Audio Tour stop. Remember, we’re not telling people what to do and see in Detroit [that’s what the Belle Isle to 8 Mile insider’s guide will be for, and we know they’ll do a great job.]  Once visitors are at a site, our goal is to tell them what’s interesting about that space that’s not currently being said there in that space. Museums like the DIA, the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, and the Motown Museum are already very interactive and tell their own stories… and they tell those stories well! We just don’t think they need our voice to be added to the mix, because their own voice is so strong.

Where are the neighborhoods on the list?

How could we, at this point, justify picking one neighborhood over another?  There are so many interesting Detroit neighborhoods we feel like this has potential to be its own tour.  So we’re holding onto that idea for now.  Please tell us if you disagree.

What about Belle Isle?

There is SO MUCH happening on Belle Isle we feel like there’s no way we could cram it into one tour stop.  We feel that Belle Isle, as well, could be its own tour.  And we hope it just might some day.  But if you disagree and think it should be its own spot on the Detroit Mobile Audio Tour, please fight for it!

Why did you choose __ but not __?

We tried really hard to narrow the list down to 25 sites to make the poll easier for you all.  Unfortunately that meant we had to cross some really cool things off, oftentimes because there was already something similar, or because we wanted another category represented and something had to go.  That said, this is a big reason why question three on the poll gives you a chance to add your feedback.  If you think it’s weird that we included one site instead of another, please let us know!