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On September 17th, we’re collaborating with WDET 101.9 FM’s Question of the Day to kick off a week of you telling us what we need to know about this location, in order to inform our mobile audio tour.  This week we’re asking you:  “­­­­­­­­What stories have you heard about what it was like to work at the Highland Park Ford Plant?”

Only responses left on Monday, September 17th may be heard on WDET but really we want to hear from you up until Sunday, September 23rd, 2012. Your responses will help us make sure we’re getting the whole story on Highland Park Ford Plant as we put together the audio script for our tour. Here are a few different ways you can share with us, the stories you’ve heard about the plant:

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Call (951) 262-3438 to leave us a voicemail.  It’s just a weird area code because we got the number on the internet.  There is no fee for you to call and it should just take you a minute to leave your message.

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NOTE:  Responses left on Monday, September 17th only may be broadcast on 101.9 FM WDET. Responses left on any other date may still be broadcast, podcast, used in an installation, or shared through social network sites.  By participating, you’re saying that you’re okay with that.