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Photo by: Karpov the Wrecked Train

So you’d like to leave a story about the Ossian Sweet House? Here’s how:

1.  Leave a voicemail message

Call the voicemail system number (313) 483-4095 and press 0# when you get to the main menu.  Start by telling us your full name, where you live, and the place that you’re leaving a message about.  Also leave a phone number or an email so that we can ask you follow up questions if need be.  Your story could be broadcast or podcast down the line.

2.  Leave a message on Soundcloud

If you don’t have one already, take a quick second to set up a free SoundCloud account, then come back to here and click on this link.  Make sure you have the most recent Flash and that you enable your computer’s microphone when prompted.  Press the ‘Record’ button and respond to one or more of our prompts.  If you don’t like your recording, you’ll have a chance to redo it as many times as you need.  Once satisfied, upload your response on the following page: Share Your Story

If you prefer to do this all on your smart phone there’s an app for that:

Android app          iPhone app

3.  Leave a comment below!