The first site that we have chosen to be featured as part of the Detroit Mobile Audio Tour will be Eastern Market.  Over half of you who came to our site poll  voted for Eastern Market among your top picks.  Now we’re looking for you to help us get Eastern Market’s back-story right.

The “Grown in Detroit” stand at Eastern Market. Photo by Dr. Richard T. James, Jr.

On Monday, August 27th, we’re collaborating with WDET 101.9 FM’s Question of the Day to ask, “What under the radar information do you think people should know about Eastern Market?  

But really, all week long we want to hear from you.  We want you to answer any or all of the following prompts:

-What memories do you have of going to the Eastern Market?

-How do you currently interact with Eastern Market?

-How does the Eastern Market represent how Detroit was, how it is today, and how it might be in the future?

-What under the radar information do you think people should know about Eastern Market?

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NOTE:  Responses left on Monday, August 27th may be broadcast on 101.9 FM WDET. Responses left on any other date may still be broadcasted, podcasted, used in an installation, or highlighted on this blog.  By participating, you’re saying that you’re cool with any of this going down.